Your Amalfi Coast hiking guide


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Ciao! I’m Alessandro. I’m from Atrani, the smallest village in Italy and a gem nestled into a steep valley of the Amalfi Coast. I grew up here, where everyone knows each other and where kids can play on the street until the late evening.

At the Di Benedetto’s we are always seeking beauty. My parents, when they were not teaching among the public schools, were tireless travelers. Together, my family has traveled along the entire Italian boot. Yet above all else, my parents taught me the beauty and history of my very own homeland. At a young age they brought me up and down the Amalfi Coast and its glorious mountains.

I did my first hike at the age of 3. But honestly I don’t have a happy memory about it: I was at the base of the Ziro Tower, a medieval watchtower right above Atrani. I still remember my fearful crying while hearing my mother narrating the legend of Giovanna, the duchess of Amalfi who was imprisoned to death inside the tower with her children. (find out more about the Torre dello Ziro )

Since then, many things have changed. At the age of 12 I bought my first hiking map. The more I hiked, the more my curiosity drove me to explore every corner of my Sirenland (this is the way I love to refer to the coast, it translates to the land of the mermaids). Throughout the years, going hiking has turned into a way of life. It is a true part of who I am.

Although I have been living and traveling abroad, and will continue to do so in the future, I decided to turn my biggest passion into my job and start a hiking expedition company in my hometown. My hope is that you too will leave a piece of your heart on this land. Because I’m sure the Sirens will mesmerize you.

So…are you still hesitating? The most authentic Amalfi Coast is waiting for you!

Leave the hustle of the coast behind, charge your camera, and let’s walk together.