The Ziro tower

Atop this headland you will feel as if you are the protagonist of an adventure movie.
The view over the small towns of Amalfi and Atrani is unparalleled.
Here a strategic fortress was used to safeguard the two most powerful cities of the seafaring dukedom.

The route starts and finishes in Amalfi. We will walk into the maze of Maghreb-like alleyways of Atrani, my tiny home village. Our walk will continue upwards along the valley to reach Pontone. After a break in the ‘piazzetta’, a stairway will lead us to the gate of the Castrum Scalellae.

From the panoramic point you will seem to fly over Amalfi and Atrani. The mysterious legend of Joanna of Aragon will lead us under the Ziro tower that rises on the shoulders of Amalfi. Once returned to Pontone, we will head back downtown Amalfi.

The duration of the walk is roughly 4 hours. I adore doing this hike in the afternoon. There are some stretches of stairways that might be tiring for non trained visitors. But the effort will be rewarding. This is the route that perfectly glorifies the history and the landscapes.

The hike is available upon reservation.

The itinerary may vary depending on your preferences.

Transportation to and from the path will not be included.

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