Valley of the mills

The hidden valley behind Amalfi is a absolute stem of beauty.
The surprising abundance of water and the ruins of ancient paper mills will give you the feeling of being somewhere else in the world.
You will soon understand why I consider this walk my favorite one.

The site is easily accessible from Pontone (Scala), a small medieval town.

Following the trail we will enter a nature-blooming valley.

We will then arrive at the ruins of an abandoned iron factory, admiring the wonders of the river Canneto.

On our way down to Amalfi we will walk alongside fascinating paper mills, witnessing industrial pastas as well as the green expanses of lemon orchards.

We will finally get to the historical center of Amalfi, a former seafaring hub.

The duration of the walk is roughly 4 hours.

For this itinerary it is possible to choose between the half-day walk, walking along the abovementioned path, or the full-day walk, ( 8 hours ) doing the classical walk plus the higher trail: uncontaminated corners, more panoramic views…but alsomore effort (not recommended for non trained walkers). The two options come with different costs.

Available upon reservation.

The itinerary may vary depending on your preferences.

Transportation to and from the path will not be included.

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